Ear Wax – Useful As Well As Menace

Our body has given has sufficient means to protect us from problems which we may face in our daily life’s. Ear wax is one those things which is useful and if in excess there can be some trouble for our ears. It is a liquid which is secreted by cerumen glands which are present only in the ear canals. If it is not treated it can cause deafness, irritation and soreness to your ear which is not at all pleasant. It is an ‘in-house production’ and has to be cleared on a regular basis. Because once there is accumulation of wax you could see accumulation of problems also.

Symptoms of having ear wax

* Continuous pain in your ears
* Difficulty in hearing
* Happen to hear a ringing noise in your ears
* A feeling as your ears has been blocked due to something

Problems with ear wax

* Ear wax can block the ear which can disturb or reduce the hearing capacity
* The bacteria is trapped behind the ear wax leading to infection with graver problems
* There would a short period of deafness while bathing or swimming

Some of the methods to remove the ear wax

*Ear syringe can be used in your ears to squirt warm water to irrigate the accumulated wax
*Use of olive oil in your ears can smoothen the ear wax to be removed easily
*Avoid using ear buds which can push ear wax inside rather than removing it
*You can also use baby oil which has to warmed up till room temperature and should be done at least twice a day
*Avoid picking or poking your ear canal as this may damage your ears
*By going to a specialist
*You can also use Vaseline which has to be pasted to the outer edges of the ear opening and be cleaned the next day.

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