How To Prevent Flu/ Low Immune System And Natural Remedies.

Years ago when worked in a small clinic the MD’s stated; January, February March…..the busiest time of the year. After the holidays with too much candy, people seem to get sick. It is every year the same.

Many years later: Yes I verified the fact that more people are sick, a lot of flu and complications. Doctor’s offices, emergency department and hospitals these months are the busiest months of the year. Especially children and older people are mostly affected with the flu. Many people have complications of the flu from upset stomach, ear infections, chest congestion and sinus infections.

This year again many of my friends are sighing under this burden of the flu. My close family so far has not shown a sign. My remedies seems to pay of:

You want to hear my anti flu remedies:

1. Avoid sugar
2. Go on a liquid diet when feelings of run down
3. Start with every hour 2000 mg Vitamin C for at least 4 hours or when your bowel movements are starting to turn soupy
4. Start right away on Oil of Oregano at least for 14 days as flu is a viral infection.
5.Sleep well and avoiding stress is of course common sense, which is not common at all.

For more information on how to prevent flu’s, see my article on my website.
Keep reading: Louise Hayes says in her book “You can heal yourself” that people believe that they will get flu’s…a mass believe idea.

Christiaane Beerlandt says in her book the keys to self-realization: you need time for yourself in a busy society. Your flu is a break through to not get serious illnesses, give it time. (1 ½ page more of info).

Enjoy your life eat and live healthy. Give up unnecessary suffering. Mr. Ouspensky said it is the last thing people want to give up.

For more questions please feel free to check out my website with more then 120 pages of common sense healing.

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