What Is Goji Juice And Why Should I Add It To My Diet?

Living forever might not be your ideal, but many believe if you want to live longer, you’ll be well served to consider adding goji juice to your diet.

The goji berry is found in the mountains of many Asian countries. Anti-aging experts believe that adding as little as 4 ounces of this juice to your diet can result in significant health benefits.

Some say that many of the world’s oldest people have enjoyed drinking goji juice for years … that its anti-aging benefits are so extreme as to prolong life as much as 20 years or more.

The goji berry contains a variety of compounds believed to provide the various health benefits claimed. These compounds include essential fatty acids, protein, vitamin C, 19 amino acids (which includes 8 essential to sustain life), vitamin E and B-complex vitamins. The juice from these berries – described by many as pleasantly sweet with a slight tartness – provides all these nutrients plus many more.

This juice is expensive, though, which has led many to question the claims made about its ability to extend life, improve energy and reverse disease. Most people know about the various health benefits of red grape juice, or even pomegranate juice. So what distinguishes goji juice as something superior?

Dr. Earl Mindell, considered a nutrition expert and the author of many nutrition books, says the goji berry is one of the most significant discoveries in decades. He says, “I believe Himalayan goji juice has more powerful benefits on health, well-being, and anti-aging than any other product I have seen in the last 40 years”.

Because some of the anti-aging and other health benefits of goji juice won’t be seen by its users for perhaps decades, most testimonials relating to goji juice emphasize the fantastic energy people derive from the drink. With full schedules and late nights (coupled with early mornings) these goji juice drinkers report increased energy and vitality, even when they change nothing else about their diet.

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